Diep.io Play

Diep.io play Of barrels I don’t know being a sniper would help with that just mean. You have like one really strong bullet I don’t know but I’m not sticking around find out i’ma just kill all these dudes and do what, I do do what I every wanna do quad tank no triple shot yes this feels like it would be Opie look at that spread I’m. Gettin OH spread those legs no I get. Two into this and it’s they’re saying weird stuff look at this I am absolutely destroying everything right now this is awesome don’t get too close to the wall so triple shot is.

King yeah I just killed someone I didn’t even see his name he was dead before I saw his. Name I want to kill your mother though not your mother I’m sure she’s lovely, the leader is right over here I don’t want to go near him but I was blown he wasn’t that big blob seems like I could take. Him out no problem where is this dude going where you going Tudor I’ve so many pawns, try and avoid all my balls the Johnny one ball they call me they don’t really say I have so many balls I’m so much man. I’ve strived five testicles fine testicle Jack Jack testicle I know I doesn’t, even make sense see forget to the game so then I don’t know what I’m saying oh, I’m sorry everybody there’s 52,000 players right now surely not in this server just in all servers all, together round all together now oh I like this oh my god it’s like , bullet hell it’s like playing the sands fighting undertale all over again saying are you going to like bullet hell games. And you just have to avoid all the dots coming at you and they’re so hard I can’t pay them anyway I just managed. To defeat sans an undertale by a sheer fluke and repetition but it’s not like I was getting good. I was just really really lucky oh god I’m going up levels really slow now though which I don’t like um health regen is full so. Bullet speed let’s upgrade that now my bullet to go faster so they can chase – it’s quicker cuz everyone’s hitting away. From I like that will not stand for that not.

In our thoughts go what are you you’re just another enemy everyone’s just another enemy to me to Jack a boy I haven’t bought hahaha this is my game should be about like it’s not, oh it’s not about being the best for some games it is I guess it’s not about, being the best it’s not about being awesome at the games, cuz good lord knows that I’m not the best at games I used to be way better at games but I fell out of practice because you think I’d be good at games., Cuz it’s my job and I’m playing so many games all at once but you play so many different games all at once that you don’t really become good at anyone any single game um what are you trying. To kill me I have way more balls than you oh you’re. Sneaking in though umm but it’s about having fun playing the game from having fun then I don’t care this this is fun I’m, having a great time playing this hey stay away from me yes killer kill him some of my balls have to hit. Him soon soon get him get him Oh contraire boy his balls hit my balls did I get, him I don’t think I got um yes the leather coat is, me get them did somebody else kill him right or maybe I’m just not going up levels fast enough oh god that’s that’s not, the leader oh god I feel like I’m doing pretty damn well though am I in the leaderboard yet I should be dead Teddy’s is on the leaderboard , yeah bro if I. Found my calling in life have I found my favorite game the best game the game. That I am going to be awesome at okay um I don’t know what I should be upgrading I can see I can get more bullet damage and bullet penetration yes let’s get, the last two of those oh I can’t. How only my top one look at all the things I can kill with my balls yeah I’m already doing way better in this game than ever. Didn’t any of the other games from the first one yeah lemme kill everyone man bullet penetration was an awesome thing to get and right now, my tactic is to just avoid everyone get all. The the levels and then rush back in and kill them all with your newly found powers that’s what you do I’m Anna main right now that’s what we. Call an anime because they’re the hero he goes away. And then he’s like oh I’m not strong enough can’t defeat all of these guys wait can I go out here I don’t think so I can oh no I’m.

Off the mini-map if I do that there’s nothing out. There can I just do that then to escape but then the hero comes back and he’s like, yes I am strong gotta burn before dude what are you doing what do you have you’ve just a one beat cannon I don’t like that okay health regen was a good idea to get. Right at the start bullet penetration seems to be really good too okay then I go up 11 it’s. Not showing me the things anymore maybe it only shows up. When you have to wow this is fun I am having a good time can you see it on my face that’s, having good time okay and if I go up to. Level 45 then I should be able to upgrade again dude where I am one two three I’m fifth on the leaderboard damn, titties what is up yeah so we did we did a stream wade was doing a stream for st. Jude and me and Bob join in, and help them we were playing a few games we started playing cards against humanity’ again and one of the carrots was damn titties and the way Bob, said dem titties was the funniest. Thing I’ve ever heard my life so he just kept going around saying damn Teddy he’s so now I just love calling stuff that just for. An excuse to say it it’s not that I’m trying to be you ha ha dem titties I love funny toilet humor jokes trying to, attract all these dis cuz everyone thinks like oh you’re just saying dicks and boobs and. All that to try and attract 12 year olds to watch your videos which is not true at, all it’s not like like those are the types of people who just have the most time to watch those types of people but younger people have the most time, to watch YouTube videos but then everyone thinks that you just make your YouTube videos to pander to those. People but it’s not the case it’s just that you make. Videos and then the people who watch the most amount of YouTube found your videos and like them and managed to subscribe and it just so happens that like. A lot of media is dictated by younger, generations like a lot of music a lot movies a lot of um YouTube kinda just media in general is very much. Dictated by what teenagers like um that’s not like we pander to because I know Felix a market that a lot, as well like oh you just make your videos for 12, year olds not true if that was the case then I would have edits everywhere actually what I I don’t know I don’t even know I don’t even know how to pander to younger generations that’s it that’ll, tell you I don’t know what I’m saying do not even seen any, other tanks in ages and I’m claiming the leaderboard just by killing all these blocks it was fun I just out here on my own being a tank, I don’t need to worry about anyone I am my own man everyone else can go. themselves I am going to claim the leaderboard and fourth on the leaderboard oh you pokey pokey, is third if I can kill him knock him off the leaderboard and then reign, supreme dominance that’ll work great that’s my tactic that’s my plan that’s my plan I’m action man was he have chasing him such as a thing trying. To kill him or was that a body can use their. A body system in this dude I’m about to pass out your score watch this look dem titties dem titties about to reign supreme triplet triplet oh , that was a bad idea wasn’t it oh I don’t have as much spread, as I used to that might be bad did they go, the glory of my spread yes I’m third on the leaderboard of our take-home up second I might come up second and then I can’t really take out the, leader by going after all these balls by going after all these blocks and squares and triangles it’s just not gonna work. Um pull it’s me body damage that might be good against other tanks, zenus is good now have a lot of forward spread but try shot was good because it had a lot of wide spread that I was hitting stuff. That I wasn’t even aiming at now I actually have to. Aim it’s of crap oh man I have to get 1162 upgrade again dem titties reigning supreme though look. At me climbing that leaderboard have you ever seen me two as well in one of these games except for when it was like the 14th video in the series okay I’m staying away, from everyone doing way too good to die now I’m having way too much fun killing. All these little blocks then to die against the motor tanks come back. I really got second on the leaderboard just by killing all these things I will well you see oh level 45 is the highest you can go I’m not getting, anything else anymore okay so my tank is fully upgraded now so any mistakes that I have made putting qualities, into my tank damn titties a second one up world straight to the top of the. Leaderboard well not the full top but let’s lay oh dude, you’re dead already oh god I’m sorry oh God before he even realized where I was or who I was or what was happening in his face hole bullets were flying everywhere from dem titties, dem did he shootin balls all day or day so I’m not gonna be. Able to get to the very top unless I kill him which is probably not going to happen. Look at all these balls bro oh my balls my balls are much stronger than yours okay it’s time to leave, the shots lead the shots you need the shots then you cut him off okay okay okay God – Scott – Scott discus Oh see that’s the thing you, can’t get hammered into the. Wall now yeah yeah get him get him get him get him get him get, him oh god he’s too much he’ll it okay I leave you to your own worries and devices so if people didn’t put a lot of health regen at the start they just. Put a lot of max health then you can’t screw yourself over later. In the game that’s the way it works buddy boy man if I could find the top guy maybe paint, a shot would’ve been a good one maybe this maybe this little triple go and spread thing going on wasn’t the best whoa God that is not the top. Guy that is that. Is number four in the leaderboard Oh God he’s almost eight if some of my balls can get in there and hit him he, would be dead get him get him oh god his health regen is kicking in no let’s keep my point I keep my point tie or not somebody else is going to take over. Not today oh god it’s a lot, of us cyber-shot who’s cyber-shot he’s not on the leaderboard okay the leader is over here which kind of sucks when you’re the leader everyone knows where you are that’s kind of a sucky. Dokey can’t believe I’m not dead yet oh, god this dude is in second out they still took over no son, of a bitch how dare you how dare you I’m going after some of these I will take back second place I will if for my name is not Jack s damn titties. Oh man I’m in fourth somebody else went really high cuz they’re killing each other that’s, what I need to do I need to find some more tanks and kill them, instead of going after these else blocks anymore what am i a child pay or one of those games that has to like put the coordinated. Blocks into its holes no I’m a tracker boy will not be bested see the secret is to not give away your position if you give away your. Position with all, your balls playing everywhere then people are going to know where you are oh come on come on I will not be taken out by a scrub no I’m all I almost died I, almost died venturing into that battle if earlier to do was chase me and he would have, got me that would have been the end for dem titties but no he was silly oh I hurt you bad boy hurt you, bad boy oh. God he’s got a little high bullet speed though oh oh train preamp he’s gotta go train you guess where he’s. Gonna go oh good I’m gonna die this is not good for them titties dem titties need love and care I.

Mean hit by everything I can’t even see him I need to I need to penetrate his defenses he just know where I am is know where I. Am if I don’t shoot where’d he go what are you. Ready bro I need to start killing some other tank dudes otherwise I’m never gonna claim the leaderboard Oh dude you are ed you are ed bro you’re.

Ed here can’t avoid my boss can’t avoid, my boss forever preamp preamp he’s gonna go lead the shots lead the shots anyway back up the third okay this is it is there we’re going to find, the leader everyone positrons unite. We’re gonna find the leader with a king’s ass or we’re gonna die but either way I don’t feel like I’m going to progress much further than this anymore I’m. Third I could probably get the second again but I’m not gonna get the first. Unless I kill him we should all we should Oh 41.7 Kay the dude with no name we should all. Gang up and then kill him everyone stay away from the leader it’s hilarious and the leaders might be just searching for other dudes, I don’t like how you don’t lose your speed when you’re the leader and you don’t become massive like in. Agario when you became the leader you became huge with super slow. At the same time is he close where is he oh god that’s one of his giant balls isn’t it the giant balls of the leader the leader of the clan hello you’re gonna die now sorry.

Dude okay wait maybe it’s rather at some of somebody else up here I see. Fault I see balls firing I see balls writing who’s over here funnies over here look at me, so funny when you’re dead give me up give me get him get him get him. Get him get him get him get him eat him yeah yeah buddy get him Kent Kent get him get him get him get him, oh you stop firing for a few seconds oh that was bad miss it was about 1800 get ed come here God he’s so, fast that way okay dem titties a, second that other dude aight MLG what’s up friend what’s up friend yet his eye I’ve returned he died though oh god. Funnies back we got get him ghetto come on he’s so close to dead he’s written into his, own shots he’s that fast okay I have secured oh hello I have secured second place well enough maybe I can take on the leader of the pack what’s up fella what’s. Up bro oh you shots yes come on no the shots were too strong ah oh what is all oh, so close I almost had him I didn’t realize how long my health was I didn’t realize like his single shots, were super strong oh it was so much fun if I had him I would have, been number one the leaderboard oh great first video in this game I’m going to play this again and I’m running, it to number one doesn’t seem. That hard to get to number one in this either that or that was a complete fluke but there’s also AM team mode in this as well just like, agario was what super fun anyway thank you guys so much watching, this video if you liked it but shall I put in the face who are your pores and my face on road shhh, thank you guys I will seal your nudes sorry if it’s not me then I didn’t do anything you gonna make like a movie a fight nice to meet, you bro Junu night Messer little skill damn titties .