Diep.io Hacked

Diep.io Hacked Top of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to DF dot io deep dot IO Johnny Depp dot IO I have no idea still how to pronounce it but. Loads of people in the comments are like Jack it’s clearly pronounced and they, just write the name of the game as a joke so that they’re not pronouncing it right either good job. Gigi okay this time I’m gonna be call it got a blast good all throw back to me all. Jimmy Neutron buddy he he was my friend he was my best friend I still don’t really know some good tactics people say. Go for a gunner well some people said other people were saying go for other things obviously, people are always changing ah what I should go for because everybody prefers different playstyles which is fine but I don’t think I’ve actually. Tried the machine gunner route properly I’ve tried it but I didn’t get very far so, I gotta go for a bullet penetration and then one in each of these I’m not going to. Go on max health and max health regen because I feel like if I get good enough ah if I get good enough and I get my. Upgrades well enough then I won’t need it well, bullet penetration and bullet speed and reload and everything all those things are going to be good once they get to gunner cuz. Then I’m just going to be an absolute hurricane of bullets I’m just going to love them to their face and be like oh just like that I’m gonna balance everything, out oh yes oh I feel good people also say press e and you get auto fire but I mean. I could just hold down click either and. That’s auto fire because I don’t want to always auto fire if I do that means that I’m not going in the right direction properly like if I’m moving forward and I’m auto firing that. I’m slower than if I’m going backwards and auto firing you feel me dog you feel me Home Slice ok. What am I gonna shine gun and then, gonna right machine good yes ok ok I got this this time I got. This this time this is where this is where we fight this is where they die I just wanted to say quote I love saying that quote I love shouting as if you couldn’t tell already, oh man I feel stronger already coming handsome Songer than you o. Sceptic are you going to only go to be one sceptic around here sceptic is laughs under, leaderboard right now that’s what you get that’s what you get when you play the game and then everyone wants to kill you they just make a name as you. And then they’re like ha ha I’m gonna kill jacksepticeye mean it’s a solid strategy you, probably were a bit more into these and more into these okay okay feeling good about this. One I am feeling fresh siliceous so I’m trying to go off tips that people have in the. Comments all the time and people are saying that gunner is Opie when you get because you get like four barrels I think and when you get oh god.

Oh god oh god oh god and you got a lot of bullet speed, and a lot of bullet penetration and a lot of reload speed and everything then you start firing really fast the dudes get him get him get him. Kill him kill him yeah just go away from me then if you don’t want to stay and die then run. Away little coward oh hello i’ma kill you i’ma kill you yes when, bullet speed gets increased then they can’t run away from your bullets which is a great tactic get him yeah I killed. Boo-ki king – i don’t know how you pronounce that did I did I kill you dude did I kill you there sorry did i murder your, whole, family ha ha ha not really here we go look at all these bullets and they’re are so strong and penetrating ha ha I’m gonna kill everybody hee this game is so much fun it, makes me so giddy boom boom boom who wants, to die I better not die I’m gonna die stupidly again I’ve done that a, lot oh god yeah my bullets feel super fast right now Oh Nelly I don’t need I don’t need to be killing dudes if they’re coming up on me I mean if, they come up in my turf up in my grill I’m not going to be like hey, dude you need to die now I just need to hit them enough times so they realize my tank is better and then they run, away like coyote little bitches sorry I got very into this people need to die, and learn a lesson that’s just the way things go come here oh, god run into to the gold more health and region ah bullets speed doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo yeah okay this feels good now I feel like. I act I’m a viable option to kill now I feel like I should have called. My guy the Terminator you kill long law didn’t even mean to kill you. LMAO ha ruffle ruffle now rolling on the floor laughing so hard that my kidneys explode and I bleed out in the ground that should be a new thing somebody. I’m abbreviate that okay what do we go for next let’s max out these, everyone having fun ever never forget attack you good this is all about man so YouTube’s all, about we keep repeating myself in so many of my videos I mean it’s already natural study so much things I can say without repeating myself but I know, it’s these types of things where you get in you just you have the crack you have. A bit of food oh yeah I never over saying don’t worry about the little. Tiny bullets don’t worry that your bullets are small they do massive damage I’m not I don’t doubt. You and I touch I’m feeling it if you drive another upgrade uh full speed nice I feel I can get away without max health and max health regen right right come here. Ah hurricane did you die so. I’m gonna call that moon from now on the hurricane Shack you like a hurricane oh-oh-oh what’s going on Frederico that wasn’t his name but I’m just gonna call him that what’s up what’s up, bro oh come on come on no don’t kill. Steal you hairy monkeys anus how dare you I didn’t say it’s all about having fun but it’s also about winning, I’m sick of losing now oh yeah I feel all mighty and all-powerful I’m number 32 wait bring it another tank then after this what comes after this or. Should I just stay as gunner I don’t know I didn’t think about that I thought gunner was the last one . I don’t know bro we’re gonna have to, figure this out but as long as everybody out there is enjoying themselves and having. A grandeur laughs same positive same happy then I’m happy then everyone’s happy okay I’m a sneak up on this.

Motherer ha ha you killed an unnamed tank come on I didn’t even get the spoils of war I didn’t even get did you just want in ha ha ha oh I don’t wanna kill him if. You just spawned in that’s mean I’ve had. That happen to me and it’s so annoying okay when I’m fully upgraded then I think no no if I even. Get fully upgraded I’m not going to he’s gonna kill me he’s, gonna kill me I don’t want to be killed I don’t want to be dead no just take a little sip just take a little sip be more apposite chief ha ha. Ha ha god damn it okay uh machine gun uh, – okay that’s a good start and that’s another tactic people taught me is that as soon as, you get in don’t move because when you move then you’re vulnerable but if you stay still and just put all your upgrades in. Then you’re invulnerable I should do the little flashy dance a little blink-blink-blink and then nobody can hit you. I wish life was like that when I wake up in the morning that I was invincible for. A little bit and nobody could hurt me hahaha nobody hurts me when I wake up in the morning if anything I, go straight to Twitter and people are very very nice ah no I’m sorry I don’t just came out of nowhere I yell into my microphone I apologize damn it even when I get like, super strong I don’t feel like I’m super strong I need all of that health. But I also need the powers that come, with all the pilot Panna tration and everything I’m so conflicted I just need to get better if I’m better at not dying I’ve been pretty. Good about that in real life the whole not dying thing means still here oh god, somebody’s coming to Train F up my shiz just trying to add sub hittin all the blocks you do right we have eight things I, should really be upgrading them but I want to take out all the blocks and get more uh Aereo okay. Nice now we’re shooting so much faster max health oh I almost want to stay, as this dude he gives a ton of bullets oh no no no not again I will not. Have this happen again these bullets are so strongly to go through all my shots na na stop edgy hairy bitches Oh a hex. Upon your whole family this is so bad it’s so bad to just be one atop of leaderboard, is it so bad to just one atop Oh back on top but back on, top what up hello friend da hey my tank is much stronger than yours Oh where are you running away -, oh I didn’t get to kill I was going in for the kill I was doing it for this rail maybe I should try sniper at this rate I. Don’t think it’s the classes that I’m picking at this rate I think it’s just this that I, am free kill free he’ll free kill you’ve killed four actually only kill one but if. You tell me I killed four I believe you I’m susceptible like that ok ok ok ok we’re looking good now fellas are we I’m so unconfident. About myself now my faith has been shaken I played one episode of this before and I thought I was, God and I was doing really well they got 2nd on the leaderboard then I’ve suddenly come back. And suckers are happening you know you call me a lollipop cuz there’s just so much suck to, be had on me what’s the destroyer I killed two people without even trying okay Gunnar. Gunnar got all look at this lob bullets for days kill him kill him kill him get all those bullets get all of them yeah okay we’re gonna go max these out so, I think I need that. To fire through enemy lines you’re coming up and they’re like in my face I’m just gonna be, like ah ah like the dude and Hutch Kid How to Train Your Dragon 2 mm most ridiculous bad guy ever how he trains the Dragons is by going oh oh I mean the solid tactic, dude that’s how I tried to train myself in real life it’s just by. Yelling at everything like when I’m playing overwatch and me kills me and I’m just. Me at this point I’m just thinking of of excuses to shout more oh no oh no oh no that’s a Big Daddy oh I don’t like. It take it back free kill free kill free kill oh no go away with your to.

Read house son of a dick I ain’t even met let’s try some team deathmatch I, don’t feel like I tried that enough last time I kind of got in and saw that it wasn’t free-for-all and I couldn’t get, as many upgrades as fast and then gave, up so now red balls are not the scary balls hello granddad you know my granddad oh who are you are you an imposter get away from me stranger danger please just, a person pretend to be my granddaddy’s offering me sweets what do we do take them you’re a terrible police okay, turn upgrade a poink poink poink poink poink and split out here we go nice I feel like with my brothers. On my side nothing can’t, be overcome right now raise that a double- probably twice time fancy machine-gun fellas hahahaha I am going to make it to this leaderboard I’ll make. It to this leaderboard if I have to kill all of my teammates the mutiny will happen and I will destroy or we could destroy as a group probably as a group is,, when you try to take over on your own that’s when you fail work together I’m still gonna mutiny hahahaha I was lying that was a fib brother son cultivated land, over here i’ma steal this like other people sold other countries so I’m gonna roll just just pulling all switcheroo, on them there’s a ton of snowfall over here where is nobody over here. Reaping all of this actually I’m really glad that you’re not cuz I only get to come over and just steal. All the points look at Jack back on top that’s what it’s about that’s what that’s what this is all about it’s about my, journey to get back on a leaderboard I will do it glory greatest nobody’s gonna stop me well the blue team might Boyd I have friends to help me. This time oh god oh, god the blues the blues are attacking dude regroup reboot a Lagaan fall back to the keep okay we’re fine I didn’t overreact what are you talking about it was fine I was cool. Calm and collected in the middle of all that Oh getting into. Blue territory getting into the Blues shall we fight back I feel like now is. The time that was the time brothers Royce and fight have some points that I’m able to put in and I’m, about to get to level 40 and about to up or not know goes hey, all crates my final form but that’s at level 45 yeah bitch destroying them who else wants to go, oh I see some Blues heading this way but he’s dead kill him kill him killer I got you friend I got you friend Oh can I kill Lal again I kill aloud before I want to, kill him again get him oh I didn’t get home I Adam but I didn’t have them, oh here we go there it is guy think he’s all cool trying to come into our house can’t come into my house, ask for a cube of sugar and then try and kill us all that’s not how. Neighborhoods work who’s the leader the leader is actually a blue guy I probably should not mess with him. Just yet cuz I am not fully upgraded yet kill him killer killer oh god it’s an, absolute mayhem fest up here that’sthat’s what I’m calling it I made Hempfest oh sweet mother of god. There’s too much going on over there I am not getting into that ha Jesus I gonna get myself, killed not today friend Oh can’t kill him ah he got thank you what. About 17000 I’m not even on the leaderboard yet I need to be on the leaderboard at least once again just at the bottom just give it to me yes I’m on the leaderboard back on, top well the irony, is that I’m back on the bottom ha ha ha yeah I know not in the last yeah dude hey I feel good about myself, now health regen and max health that’s it let’s bump those up so I don’t get. Destroyed when I go after other tanks here they come here they come are you ready ok the night they’re not coming too hard yet I’m going back over here and try and. Get more points cuz that’s what I like to do are we good or is the last one, my 11:45 now and there’s no there’s no more extras ok. That would make sense then why I thought gunner was the last one because it is the last, one right so my dude is fully upgraded now for better or for worse in sickness and in health till death do I. Part which I will more than likely but how to get more points core I climb that leaderboard climb that leaderboard and then, when we’re near the top we go after we go for guts and glory this might be dangerous might be dangerous , is trying to kill me I will not be killed by he can’t even play well it’s right in his name. He plays like the poopers I’m not ok though on the leaderboard I’m there I’m not back on top. But while I am but I’m not that that was the irony of why I picked the. Name so you can be back on top but not at the same time I could be the last and the entire server but, my name would be back on top. So nobody could take that away from me and that was good and I like that and I’m gonna keep that but I do need to start killing some of these dudes oh god, I could have been bad retreat man I’m not good at fighting other tanks not only that but I, have an itchy eye oh god I could. Have been the end of life as we know it that got scary for a while I’m glad you guys stuck with me through that I was that was a hard time on this channel oh hey fellas, hey that’s a lot of Blues going around oh oh oh this might, be the end this is it who the hell is down here I am so slow next time I should make someone who’s like all movement speed oh, god oh god it should be firing back at these.

What am i doing the trains stopped some of them all god I almost died, I can’t even fire through those bullets what even is can I come back to mother base and just hunker down and sleep forever somebody’s called first in a few minutes. That’s a bit cocky don’t you think says the guy who’s name is back on top huh where’d he go. Chase up run him down like the dog in the. Street that he is I don’t know where he went he was fast Oh cause so much crossfire you know what at a. Certain point the game just gets boring so you just want to like venture forth and try and kill people but in turn get yourself killed that’s the fun of it. Really oh, man don’t run away come back I want to kill you oh I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead hahahahaha ok well that does it for this episode and probably for, all of whoa whoa I brought I probably not gonna do any more videos than this I mean maybe I will if I’m. Playing it in my spare time there and I and I get better or I think that I got better I might come back and, do. Another video just to try and get to the very top of the leaderboard but for now I think I’m going to leave it at that because again it gets very, repetitive and very boring after a while to play I can’t imagine what it’s like to actually watch so I don’t know let me know what you. Think but for now. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face blowing up boys and my face on road Shh thank you guys. Now in Syria needs Disneyland this, is gonna be Jackie boy laughs everybody come on out the Jackie boy line where everybody squeeze out so he will come in like oh I pushed my mic sorry about that that I sound horrible probably. What did it sound like whoo .