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Diep.io Wiki and welcome back to DP oh now we’re gonna explore the other game mode that is available then in my opinion is incredibly fun and I’m gonna try to go a completely different route than, I’ve gone before which is whoa hey how’s it going so in this one this is called. D this is called team deathmatch I can’t even talk today but I’m trying to figure. Things out but in this one obviously as is evident in. KC obviously wasn’t Evan – oh my god there are two teams on the map and so these two teams are fighting for control now the one, thing that I don’t like about team deathmatch is that all the bullets are the same color, are they wait no that that doesn’t seem right so in team deathmatch I don’t know why I thought this but I thought all the bullets were all. The same color but in this time they’re of a different. Color so you got your reds in your blues and they’re all fighting against each other so in this one it is actually a. Pretty decent one there’s one guy on the blue team that seems, to be pretty high up on the leaderboards but as far as we know it’s fairly split even which doesn’t happen a lot in team deathmatch so my, objective is to get to number one with the leaderboard as usual like I usually do but this time I’m gonna, be doing it probably as some sort of a sniper because. I believe that I’ll be able to do better now the thing about this one what what makes this, one interesting is that there’s like bases that you can hide in and so a lot of players do they they just high end up hiding in their base and. They don’t actually go out very much and that’s a coward’s, way out whoa hey hey big guy how you doing over there so I’m gonna go sniper this time because I don’t usually do that but sniper is a little bit, better because it allows you to see more of the battlefield than what. You usually see in the other play styles which is very advantageous when you’re, trying to and and the bullets go way farther oh my god dude stop with your triple cannons oh I almost hatch buddy what’s wrong what’s wrong you want to run away from the market uh oh you died. I don’t know how he died I bumped, up against an object and died what a loser hey it’s lie oh geez. Who’s that over there who’s that over there someone crossed over enemy lines shouldn’t be where you oh geez, no god stop taking up all the pool that’s not good whoa someone’s on whoa geez I forgot how far out I went not saying I’m just, a little baby Marco fart I can’t possibly handle all of the death and destruction I believe I believe I believe I. Believe okay I’m getting up there I’m level 22 now so pretty soon I’ll, be able to do what I need to do I’m gonna get more reload speed because goddammit I need more bullets you more bullets pumped out of everywhere because, I gotta get some of these things killed or else I’m never gonna get in goddamn points spent. For protection I don’t need your protection I go in raw hello oh god I don’t know what does that it’s like the, force there’s a type of um there’s a type of tank that actually has. Like little ai-controlled triangles that’ll go out and up everyone else’s and I don’t have those I, don’t know how to get those and also in the middle oh it looks like the leader got killed yeah I didn’t get it I ever did so saber is, pretty basic okay so I could be the assassin or the hunter I, don’t know what the hunter is but I think the overseer is the thing that does the ships I don’t know what the hunter does though I’m, gonna try it I’ve never done, it before Oh what what is that it’s like a shotgun blast well there’s a helpful at all I guess actually this could definitely catch people off-guard I bet cuz they wouldn’t, see it coming it’s kind of got a spray pattern like a big one and. A small one hello looks like Reds kind of taking over the whole place. Here geez ups so many rats well I wanted a fair fight I actually wanted to, i’ll pail battle but it doesn’t look like I’m gonna get that who hello is this enemies and oh me oh my let’s get upgraded.

Let’s get upgraded who’s there who’s there huh bull that doesn’t seem good someone’s over. There I don’t know I wasn’t going for you little guy I was going for the big guy wherever he is, I am kind of close to enemy territory here I don’t know if this is exactly where I want to be quick wink I will kill. You will kill the market fire will kill more the blue team leader is over there somewhere he’s probably hiding out, in the base because it seems to be pretty much stopped up over here anyway whoa whoa whoa that guy, got destroyed oh my god I just saw my teammate get annihilated and I did nothing yeah well what, am I gonna do what could I do yep a barrage Iggy Pablo be a brewski huh. Brewski how proof how proof whoa I got a hit on that guy whoa jeez whoa geez oh gosh I shouldn’t be this far deep in enemy territory huh I gotta get back to the. Middle because. That’s where I’m gonna get the most of my points because this is just competition and it’s gonna be a long climb. To the top good jeez but I I can see the advantage of this thing already because my bullet speed is so high that it’s easy for me to sneak up on people and and nab them. Before they able to get, away and the damage is ridiculous so all good features yeah but I’m not even on the leaderboard yet I’m an embarrassment to everybody that ever played this game I can do. Better I can always do better I know, I can do better I’ve done better before I’ve dominated the leaderboards arguably is something other than this I’ve kind of handicap myself as far as getting points goes unless.

I can kill other people which i think is my only want in life so I shall do. Exactly that and if I can’t succeed in that then I’m. Not worthy of even being here I’m not worthy of being alive ah whoa geez oh geez oh gosh bull Gersh someone’s someone’s doing a thing, did I kill them all son the bullet stopped whoo hey poink ha okay so now that’s good there’s like an announcement when you actually kill somebody. Which is awfully. Handy I like it that thank you for the shield Axl you’re definitely helping me out here I don’t think you can shoot anything into their spawn who killed that guy I killed, him dead oh my god thanks for the support. Everybody Oh Axl Axl was in trouble there holy those things hurt oh my god those things hurt ah stop I’m busy, oh I killed somebody I accidentally but I killed somebody big I don’t even know how whoa geez I got points out of that one whoo I got off to level 45 already I’m on, the leaderboard baby I don’t know. Who I killed lol I guess he must have been big whoa LMFAO LMFAO I think those must be like these must be like automated things that just fire out, of the blue base to try to hone in on the red base maybe I, have no idea hard to say Rojo woah woah woah woah woah sprang someone sprang. For someone spraying way too much oh jeez I can’t handle spray of this magnitude I will admit Hunter’s not my favorite thing it’s it doesn’t seem to be as powerful as something, could, be I mean it’s pretty good if I just keep shooting in a certain direction but it’s just based on random chance I don’t know if I’m gonna. Get the kills that I want to get also people have mentioned that, I can just hold down the button and oh I killed Carson yeah oh sorry killed em and mgesa jizz what killed mt savage crow I’m killing up a storm. Of weaklings who doesn’t matter if they can’t pull up a fight all, right let’s see if Axl’s gonna give me the support I need whoop killed asdf again that guy keeps, running into death over and over again go Axl go go Axl go I got your back from way. Over here Oh Axl got killed never mind Axl I don’t got your back I got loll again yeah I killed TT I don’t know. Who TT was but probably an easy target LMFAO you want to come back here I want to play I want to play I’m gonna, play oh I killed kike wibbled whoo I killed a nun named tank I feel bad kind of maybe a little. Bit not really yes combine our forces this is how we do it hopefully I don’t. Know if it’s going to work but this is how some people do it Oh killed a, nun named tank I’m on the leaderboard baby yeah and with that my power grows my power grows infinitely unlimitedly see. This is what I like about the game mode because you can push with your teammates but you, can try to go on your own if you’re like a sniper glass like me but you know but for, the most part you like it really is kind of a rallying cry when you’re just all together as one and.

Able to just push the enemy back and right now it’s kind of one-sided when I started the, game it was it was fairly even but now it’s gotten a little bit embarrassing like before the enemy had one of the biggest players on the board and probably when he died one of. Our guys got really big so that’s unfold that was probably gonna. Be death if I didn’t even gone a little bit for it I would have been caught by all three which is not, good I want it I want it I want it I want it. this is more satisfying to click randomly to click spastically forever and ever okay I’m number seven on the leaderboard six on my team LMFAO looks like you died.

At some point I almost, had you I killed a nun named tank though keep feeling bad about that uh I feel like these unnamed. Tanks are just new guys that are just starting out and they have nothing left I could kill you I could kill you I just choose not to I said definitely choose two we’re just gonna see where. You pop up if you go north or south oh it. Looks like I may have some controversy up here does. Anybody want to fight the mark of Furth I’m number five baby number five some some unfortunate son of a bitch is gonna cover 12th that guy some. Other unfortunate son of a bitch is gonna come across my bullets and then die in a horrible blazing fiery death of death miss who’s down. Here mg Cody mg Cody dunzo who. Else is down here Bob i’ma get you Bob mg cool dead the hunter steals all kills the hunter claims all credit are. You going ricardo well that’s where you’re going away from him oh if that guy will clear. That guy clear that I said clear that guy Jesus yeah which oh me what the oh come on Oh what even was that what the.

just happened oh god damn it what the happened what oh god damn it somehow I googled dee dee dee dee dee dee. God damn those in the middle of a goddamn game happen how did I Google did -, did Dee I killed him so long ago what the was that what it turns just eternal into third at it dared intend, it to do thirty fifty little to do to do. Turn it’ll do dare that it did a little let the deal better than it did it doll all right whatever god.

Damn it I’m not gonna be idaite I can’t do it back again okay so I guess that’s the premature end o this episode of DPO, even though I’ve been playing for like thirty minutes but still, that’s not fair what the anyway all right that’s team deathmatch mode team deathmatch mode, is fun in my opinion but there’s another game mode called domination that I’ve never played before. So I have no idea if it’s good or not but I hear it’s the only one that has a win. Condition so team deathmatch might be team versus team but there’s no way to win for your team but in domination supposedly there is so. We will explore that in the next episode of DPO thank you everybody so much for watching, and as always I will see you in the next video bye you want to command me bread, you’re looking up to the bee’s knees oh you wanna hug you want a hug lady all right too bad all I have is death .