Diep.io Unblocked

Diep.io Unblocked Hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to dpo or die epi oh where I’m not 100% sure what it’s called because I don’t get any of the names of these, games correctly considering agario & Schley very Oh aren’t the actual names of those games but I’m gonna call dpo. Cuz I got nothing else to do with my life and this game has been unbelievably like unbelievably requested. Every single app mg fibers crawling up my ass already every single social media that I have has been inundated with requests. For this game and so this game is actually relatively simple but in the same agario and slit Aereo stylings you’re basically on. A grid and your little dude and amongst a sea of other dudes but in this one it’s different because you’re a, tank in this one and it’s got a really interesting upgrade system where. You’re trying to kill both other players and these boxes here which I don’t know what they represent.

Other than just like normal resources that you have to blow up I’m assuming this is America. Simulator because you’ve got to blow up everything’s to progress in the world there’s other players and as you upgrade throughout the game you get various different branching options with which you can play, the game like right now I just got. The basic stuff and I’m gonna upgrade a bullet damage and speed if you notice in the bottom left you got a. Lot of upgrades options over there and the various size shapes and color crap rather various different amounts of points you get by in the quicker you get points you, can more you level up blah blah blah but what the more important thing is that when, you get to about level what do you do about level 20 yeah there’s some higher, level people that are creeping around it you, get you gotta play it safe and try not to bother anybody before you just die horrible death oh god Dolan don’t do it I won’t mess with you you almost, meet come on you can also shoot oh me oh god well let me get my health up oh god I’m gonna. Die see okay but if you see over here I now have twin guns and I’m going with, twin guns because before I tried the machine gun, path and then I got to this cannon thing that didn’t work out too well for me it did make me go pretty fast around but that’s getting too deep into, the stratagems about this game instead of getting to, something that I could actually control what nothing nothing at all anyway oh I’m so sorry Ariel you have to oh you’re you’re not here you were you’re you were spawning I guess and I was trying. To kill you like an idiot as you get your upgrades going you’ll notice that your guns shoot much better, more and do the thing better and this was actually pretty good hot damn it’s like the machine gun but I got. Two barrels it’s even better than machine gun that I had before right right for, upgrades I’m double dick Rick blasting my way through DP oh I don’t know I don’t know, what it’s called why’s that guy just names well he’s dead.

What’s something kid exactly ask alright anyway so now that I got my bullet damage and reload up, I’m going to be hopefully operating some more stuff and not dying a horrible death that would be ideal – machine gunner that guys machine gunner head ha ha surrounded by. Death I’m surrounded by every type of death uh-huh thank you little guy that little guy was trying to be advantageous, about his circumstance but it worked out for me better than the worked out for him it’s just so easy to die in. This game but what’s good about is that when you, do die you actually spawn again at half you’re the holy that guy huh that guy I, got to get my bullet speed up because I’m not able to chase anybody down with my bullet sir it’s it’s a really. Effective deterrent just to blast someone with a spray of bullets the like the wits they’ve never seen horror babsy boo got blasted off hard. And then on this leaderboard man link is way to high score but the other good thing is there’s a max level that. You can reach so there’s sort of like a limit to how far you can progress so that makes it so that. Some people aren’t just absolutely unbeatable and also I’ve noticed that the more. Bullets you shoot the slower you go you know I’m at some a bruh oh yeah I got why are you shooting so slow. What’s wrong with that guy I don’t know everything probably he’s probably just luring me in with a false sense of security before he.

Annihilated me well I seem to be annihilating him so I’m gonna leave him alone for now.

Maybe we’re buddies maybe maybe. Maybe baby we’re buddies I have no idea oh yeah okay so I’m gonna get my movement speed up because I need to be able to dodge oh it’s you it’s you Nell Sony yucks come here. Baby he’s got way more faster speed than I but if you shoot in, the opposite direction the light should go faster which is kind of, an interesting stratagem because allows you to both run away from the people that you’re trying to not die from and then also it allows you to kind of weirdly push yourselves toward. People if you fire in the opposite direction it’s. Very bizarre in like combination of different elements coming together is kind of a nice little, bit of what you might call strategy but I don’t have none to that Nelson you’re cool in my book let’s just take the little little baby tanks that we just burn hurt and take their, points and run away forever and ever you never need another again okay I. Imagine this one’s also gonna get mobbed soon to, get sound effects and whatnot I I feel like this one needs a bit more stressful sound effects or at least epic battle Me’s, are going on because you’re actually a tank that’s blowing bit hmm I’ll give you triple dick Rick liked it I can be a triple triple. Strong John okay I can’t be triple penis eNOS I’m gonna be triple penis eNOS oh is this better no it’s better I liked it better before I could actually, concentrate the things that I was shooting at oh this is, this is sometimes like this is what happened before while I was doing the machine gun the machine gun was oh I’m so slow oh my.

God is horrible why did I choose this wagon I could like Street sweep the items. That’s good I’ll get a lot of points that way I wasn’t gonna get a lot of points from, killing anybody anyway so why would I bother with anything else alright so I got three upgrades I’m just kind of mm-hmm mmm.

Mm-hmm sorry excuse my spray everybody excuse the spray from triple pinna Xena’s coming through I just want to be a wall of death anything, that approaches me rapidly rethinks its choices in life that’s that’s the, only thing that I want it’s the only thing that I need also you can see I’m just passing the leader on. The left there he’s going over there there is a. Battle going on here I’m just trying to shoot the bullets that are coming my way it’s actually a pretty effective deterrent I mean if no one sneaks up behind me and stabs me, in the butt I think I’ll, be relatively okay but I actually I actually liked this game a lot it allows for a lot of strategy and individual play which is good Tokyo ghoul or you just you just, easy cuz he just well but I got him I guess. I’ve got a lot of ports out of that he was just sitting around waiting for death that’s the only thing that. I need in my life just people to take advantage of before the end okay I need last bit of bullet damage I’m gonna max my health out some, tough is rock and then I believe there’s only five levels after this so I probably gonna max out movement, speed and then over the best from there cuz link is still top dog but I’m on the, leaderboard baby yeah I’m on the leaderboard I’m only number ten, but I’m okay that’s okay in my book I’m just gonna get away from this leader. If I just shoot backwards I’m totally ok I go super fast no one mind me it’s if I just create like a box it’s really, fun because every person is their own bullet-hell like it’s just a non-stop bullet hell of various. Players going about and then they’re just having fun trying to dodge everybody’s bullets it works out quite nicely I think that guy’s a sniper Oh rake oh I’ve. Played many a rake games you don’t wanna mess with me because thinking about this is my bullets do so much damage that they, actually knock other people’s bullets out of the air competition is getting kind of fierce I need, I need these I need these items for stuff and things I didn’t. See one time woo hey whoa whoa ow ow ow ow Jesus who was that, the market Farkle is the mark of art lives on oh my god what is with that guy holy when do I get an upgrade like that I’m just stuck on triple. Penis eNOS I want to be back – double dick Rick ah maybe even, more dongs more dongs alike I don’t know oh god this is bad situation bad situation bad situation oh my god someone’s a, good shot not this guy obviously back up backwards oh god I’ve got so much to live for I’ve got, so many things to do with my triple penis I got no health regen, I was stupid I made bad choices I tried to be master of a few instead of master of a, lot I’ll just run away just beware my spray Oh God that is, too many bullets that’s an unfair amount of bullets that is literally way too many bullets I went to the competition area I didn’t even realize, that I was oh god I I’m gonna get health regen but it’s not gonna do me any good huh Oh dodge dodge dodge mmm mmm mmm that dad’s new. Dad would daddy Dodge whoo dad’s a large war, yeah yes yeah pick on the little guys in Dodge they call the little guys and die oh you sniper boy brett-brett you want to come at me bro you. Wanna come out dribble, penis penis never hear it rookie boots okay we’re fine everything’s totally good no no don’t do it Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin come on come on Marvin come on come on please, they’ll beat this way don’t be, this way more Marv oh god he’s doing that yeah I just got to get at it so the good thing about when you die is that you actually spawn in half your. Level so you’re not just totally, done and actually if you get high enough you can actually start at a rank whoo I need to get up quick okay reload I’m gonna go, for movement speed this time and then health regen I’m gonna go I’m gonna go twin again but I’m not gonna go triple penis eNOS because. That was just it was just it was it was too much to handle I can’t I can’t handle all that responsibility if you know, what I mean you don’t know. I mean okay we’re all just lucky I’ll keep blaspheming over here in the corner don’t mind me mammy it’s a let’s play corner up in the top left, don’t worry about it’s totally cool what did I not upgrade my bullet. Damage at all really did I not do that I must not have upgraded my I did not upgrade my damage. At all why didn’t I do that that was like super important for me to. Upgrade cuz I can’t actually get any points out of it if I can to kill anything but I’m fast so I guess that’s. Consolation prizes are cool too agency you that’s Juche everyone’s gone four twin Gunners apparently early that’s the cool thing to be hey you’ve activated my trap card. Good thing I don’t actually do. Much damage really that would have been dangerous for you Oh Oh what are you gonna do huh boying anymore you’re going WWD ah what, the oh he let me he had body damage oh oh god oh I gotta start over at the beginning again okay I’m, just gonna go damage and reload cuz oh it .

This rock this rock this brah huh I started out so good I’m ending so terribly I’m going down in flames I don’t have any sassy jokes to save me from this, oh man oh my god oh hi I I had at night I didn’t have it a lawsuit I went, for the moral this story is never go for triple penis eNOS. It’ll never work out for you it’s it’s not worth the risk if you know what I mean alright I’m gonna. Go for sniper cuz why not oh yes this is good I like that oh nice and slow but I can see more so that’s good I, mean I guess oh hello what a er you know what those are yeah yeah but. I’m a sniper well again I can see it oh god don’t do it no nubra I’m just a weak little Marga not the Marga er, live for one more day oh sweet delicious life that’s right back off you can’t, beat me well you probably could if you depressed your advantage but you won’t be pressing. Nothing against me twice neighbors actually pretty cool I will admit snipers actually not bad snipers, not the worst I’ve ever seen his sniper allows me to one see more and to make precision strikes so if I’m good at what I do. Which I’m not I can get some kills which I won’t nice that’s an interesting strategy though going for body damage. Because people probably wouldn’t see it coming if you got enough bullets to block their bullets but just. To get closer and a lot of movement speed you can probably do a lot of damage to someone and, they would never know what we hit him like like like what happened to me I never even thought about that as, a strategy like melee classic in dpo again lately you don’t wanna mess with me bruh you don’t wanna. Mess with me bull I don’t mess with him okay all right hey that’s all the time I got for. This pursuit of deep you I’m gonna start out on a new server and hopefully it’ll work out better for me because I. Had it in the beginning I did I performed high in the beginning and then I just sailed downwards into, the depths of stupidity which is where I usually end up in all, my let’s play so thank you everybody so much for watching you can play this game for yourself in the comments in the description below there’s a link down there. It’s really. Fun totally free like the other ones and just an enjoyable time so thank you everybody so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video yes you’re number one we’re more now. You’re number one on the suck board you’re gonna get what a bunch of bull ass .