Diep.io Mod

Diep.io Mod everybody my name is markiplier and welcome back to deep you now in this game we’re gonna be playing domination of which I have never played I’ve never even started a game I’ve never explored. It this is completely a new territory for me and it may be new territory for some of you.

Guys so okay so there’s two teams there’s some weird yellow boxes over there I don’t. Know what they do but they do something so what is the thing that they do cuz I. Don’t know why are these guys just standing here oh my god are. They the desecrated relics of the of my former teammates I have no idea so what are these yellow squares ooh what is that Oh what is that Oh what is. That well that’s cool god damn it I’m getting too eager in the beginning of the game oh but that’s cool what is. That I want to know whoo whoo okay oh jeez all right I’m gonna go a different route than. I usually go let’s see I want sniper before I don’t know, if I want to do that I’ve never done flank guard I’ve never really.

Done flank guard before so I’m gonna try this a little bit it’s nice to have some reverse engineering going on here so that I don’t have to, worry about people sneaking up behind me I gotta I’m not I’m I’m by bifurcated nevermind you know what I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna do that that’s a bad idea oh jeez oh oh he’s gonna shoot ah you shot well this is good okay this this guy this. Change, is up my thinking because now I have to worry about frickin which direction I’m goin in holy crap whoa whoa whoa buddy buddy buddy buddy buddy buddy but come come on come, on come on so what happens if we kill these guys like obviously it looks like we can only really whoa that is dangerous, holy I was not ready for that okay so. Let’s frickin do something again all right flank guard bullet pen good god I was not ready for that. So I imagine that we got to try to kill these things and preferably get the last hit on him I’m at is what the wind condition. Is actually gonna be ah everybody gonna help me out with this it’s actually what, we want to do or is this well I’m glad it’s on me nobody else I’m helping the team right there’s this.

Credit for this gonna happen right oh . Whoa hey the SE dominators now controlled by the red what does that mean I know what that means what’s the se. Dominator huh these new things I don’t know man whoa someone is coming in hot and heavy I’m heavy yeah I gotta go level, up oh that guy got owned uh okay so I imagine that when you kill. That thing you’re gonna get a thing to compliment your thing body damage it in what body damage god dammit I didn’t talk bull oh oh oh oh oh. goddamn it I must die just from that already for it alright man out, I’d hate to think that some people have pro strats in this bull someone already knows how to dominate a team, from just playing this stupid mode huh it’s not stupid alright just right now I have no idea what I’m, doing so because I’m stupid this seems stupid the north all the Northwest Dominator why did, they go for that Dominator Oh God also those things are domineer those southeast dominators, what I was saying so I was just too too stupid to understand what that meant I don’t know my cardinal. Direction farewell oh someone is someone is playing very aggressively over here and I appreciate it but I’d appreciated more fools on my goddamn team not their goddamn team there we go. Northeast dominators not controlled by the blue so I imagine, you win when you control all of these quote-unquote dominators so when the hell is that gonna happen woah yeah don’t kill me bro okay actually I’m.

Gonna do twin flank I think that yeah this is what I wanted hell yeah man oh this way better oh this way better, oh yeah get him get him get him buddy get him oh wow that was wow they take. Some they take some patterns oh I push them out of the way with. My bullets ooh nice nice nice nice ah okay don’t push him towards me god damn it what, you push them towards me that’s instant death that’s instand death get him get him get him guys you’re welcome you’re welcome for, this I’m helping I’m helping whoa geez oh geez, oh geez oh geez oh geez orgies orgy zwo pockets are taking this is so scary okay I just need to stop shooting at him when they’re coming my way unless they actually are smart there, we go oh our teammates just got blasted away okay here, we go yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah get him yeah get him no don’t get too close no god this doesn’t seem, good for us it seems bad but our whole, team is behind this oh this unity this is unity unlike any other rule sorry for getting in your way beaver Wow it’s on our side now baby oh come get some we got. The whole mite of the. Blue Armada on the world I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I killed someone but I’m scared a little even someone’s over here and they’re getting, a lot of both Louie okay so we gotta mmm they’re coming, for this one I don’t want to let them have it I mean I’m gonna let them have it but they’re. Not gonna have it what I mean by that oh it’s twin on twin twin on twin oh I’m not high enough level for this pulling out hold up I’m. Bailing I think I might go in this mode I think I might actually go for the Cannonball. Because the Cannonball I killed help yay because the Cannonball is extremely high damage and if I can just get close then I. Can bash him up a bit wonder what our team is doing or they just. Off on the sides trying to level up where’s my chat work at all god oh that’s good. No that’s good they all went to though hmm whoa triple Twinner octa tank I like the. Idea of octagon oh oh I spin so fast I shoot in just a, few directions attack if you control your rotation you really do shoot in just a few directions but it’s good it’s a good it’s bad for doing single target damage. Like on this guy but it’s good for other things too northeast ah man they took the Northeast back damn it yeah the octave tank. The octave tank might have definitely been a mistake I’m not a hundred percent. Sure about this whoa that’s a lot of bullets in a very specific direction where I got a lot of bullets in, a very general direction huh I’m helping I’m helping. Kind of maybe not really holy this is kind of bad ah oh bags hot dick hole oh, god I’m gonna die now holy crap I shoved that little guy in the way yeah I’m such a piece of but I’m gonna survive oh god. No I’m not ah whoa what is that big guy what does Killa I want to know what Killa, is he seems like some sort of super sniper I like. That I like that yes yes I I was part of that he died but I was part of it because I helped oh. That’s not good hey I killed him yeah I killed him yeah I got a lot of points for that 58 thousand I’m probably on. The leaderboard but there isn’t a leaderboard in this game mode but that that removes one of their one of their higher level players, from the roster which is good for us that getting faster like this I don’t like the sound of that yeah there, we go it’s contested now be able to pin to, win it whoa that’s not good I’m dead I’m dead I’m die I didn’t like that at all I’m gonna try the twin again yeah we, got the Northeast one even though I got ed up totally by accident wasn’t my fault at all you caught. Me off guard on a bad day with. My all right triple shot quad tank twin flank oh I guess I can go on different, upgrade paths well I don’t really like the triple shot but I’ll take it yeah I’m gonna go for the southeast one soon I just I.

Just need to level up I need to be like higher level or else this isn’t gonna work out for, me that guy’s almost dead thank you almost max level almost there almost there, almost there baby Oh getting yeah we’re getting this thing we’re getting it changing it over okay we got this we got this we got this whoa we’re gonna win this we’re, gonna win this baby we’re gonna win it we’re gonna win it I wish you would give you like my new to score for hitting. It but I guess that’s part of the strategy you either got to hit it or you got to go, farm up yeah we got it Oh three or four whoo hey whoa that’s a lot of bullets holy but this, is awesome I love this mode this is good mode I said we just got, to go for the last one well it looks like everyone’s, making a final push anyway I wish I was just a little higher level just a, few more points just a few more points it’s not gonna be any nearby just because it’s so stocked up. There’s so many people in this area oh I think we’re gonna get it I think we’re gonna get it we’re gonna get it think we’re gonna get it we’re gonna get it. Whoo that’s a lot of red bull that’s.

Not gonna matter because we’re gonna girly girl look out Alan Alan oh geez Alan Wow Alan Helen holy crap we got, it we got it we got it we got it we got it we got it we got a little ooh yeah baby yeah Oh blue has won the game love, blue okay anyway so that is the end of.

The game arena is closed no players can join so it’s just a murder spree until the everyone decides to leave but that is what this game is who is shooting yellow. Bullets what the hell was that oh my god oh my god oh god is here oh god it’s the arena, closer holy oh god they’re so scary but either way that is domination game mode I highly suggest you, give it a try because it’s very fun and gives depth to the game so thank you everybody. So much for. Watching and as always I will see you in the next video .