Diep.io Hack

Diep.io hack us welcome back house my name is Goga today were playing deep again deepest beautiful game and it’s so awesome it’s so much fun and we’re gonna play this okay we got this we got deep we dug deep today, in deep we’re gonna build a very cool new class. It’s not really new but it’s pretty new okay and I have not done it in a video yet so we’re gonna do it and I, have heard that it’s not gonna lie the. Mo’s overpower the class ever in the game okay so they might sell to nerf it or patch it or, something like that let’s get some bullet damage let’s get some health regen so we don’t die straightaway and let’s get going cups let’s get going we need a.

Lot of bullet damage and a lot of bullet speed and that’s how oh my god oh my god just, run just run just get out of here just. Get out of here okay let’s not shoot so he doesn’t know where we are and let’s continue it seems that deep. Just became a lot more busy this crazy since last time I played a lot more people are here right now oh my god we need some movement. Speed cups we need some movement speed holy holy. just let us go just let us go okay can we get some more health regen please we really need some more health regen holy , these guys are getting a bit too strong we need bullet damage, and bullet speed oh my god are you kidding me are you kidding me oh my god no get out of here get out of here bit guys okay let’s get some more. Max health cuz I don’t want to die and let’s get farming, let’s go and get farming okay get out of this stuff let’s get out of this stuff do we need. To get sniper going cups we need to get sniper going there we go get some more bullet damage get some more movement speed so we can move faster we, need we need bullet speed now. We need bullets beeping before I forget it before I forget bullet speed we need it quick okay let’s start doing it now. Bullet speed I don’t know really what we’re doing but I I kind of I kind of saw this new class and I’m pretty sure it’s really, good so we’re gonna go for it holy these guys are. Going crazy right now oh my god who the is shooting at us over there we’re like almost dead already are you kidding are you, kidding me I don’t want to die already we’re not. Even that far we’re not gonna die cops we are not going to die oh my god oh my god oh. My goodness okay do we need more health regen what do we need health regen let’s get some more health regen pump a bitch. MMmmm a bitch with sniper riffle it’s nipple Ripple health regen and max health is always a safe place, to go for let’s get this blue thing oh my god he just snatched it from us what the that. Guy’s shootin massive balls holy okay let’s max out bullet damage now let’s go for bullets speed and then we can continue the wrist then we can. Continue their wrists but bullet speeds gonna be very important for, this bill which oh my god oh my god oh my god why the is it not hitting him why the is it not hitting. Him oh my god we got some bread baked Raggles okay there we go let’s get some more bullet speed okay there is a white bullets Pizza, important because last time we got the triangle guy this time oh my god what the this, time we are going for the square. Guy yes you can get squares now holy what the is that guy doing over there he’s just going crazy oh my goodness yeah he does more damage than our, sniper right okay let’s get away from him let’s just get away from. Him this is scary and level 20 there we go let’s get some more bullets speed this guy’s forty score and we just killed and okay we can we can. Shoot everything. With one hit now that’s nice or we already could probably let’s go to the edges of the map because this is just too dangerous are you kidding, me what is this new triple shot thing holy okay, no no no no no I don’t want to be here I do not want to be here oh my god cops this is the worst we’re just being destroyed over here okay that, guy’s bullets are not able, to hit us so we’re just gonna keep on moving come on and we have to start killing now we really have to start killing soon holy that, guy’s a massive kind of get to blow yes we managed to steal the blue okay let’s get some more help cuz I don’t want to die like I said. Okay we have a bit over a thousand score that guy’s shooting like crazy this seems. To be a bit of a quieter place if the place is quiet then, that means it’s good okay that means it’s good because as, you can see there blue things over here right now some more blue stuff what the what about come on come on man why would you do that to yourself okay bullet speed perfect so, we can now shoot bullets fast which is great and, we need to get to level 30 before our build starts to become a bit more viable we don’t. Need bullet penetration I think let’s go for the blue one oh no yes okay we got it we got the blue one some more bullet speed bullet speed is really key for this. Build because you’ll see you’ll see what I’m gonna do in a second and you’re gonna be a surprise, that guy’s a massive sniper holy holy that guy sniper is big that guy’s snipers. Big he’s he’s ready to die man he is ready to die who’s gonna who’s got away in there man who’s just got a, win yes we’re gonna win of course. Just kidding we’re just gonna farm slowly and see we can kill some more people I don’t want.

To start too many fights okay I’m not I’m not that type of guy I’m not that type of guy okay this guy is a fast-moving one and we shot something I guess. Okay we can go for him we can go for. Him let’s no I mean I mean like it’s just a waste it’s, just a waste of us chasing a guy he’s so fun we have extremely fast bullets now we have extremely damaging damaging bullets so that’s good that’s great and that should give us. A lot of advantage soon okay there we, go come on they all be suicided what the these guys what the are they doing okay. Don’t worry we can live with it we can deal with this okay do we need reload know do we need bullet penetration know we need max health okay we might need some.

Body damage that would be nice, come on get the thing did we get it we didn’t get it did we let’s go for this guy he’s maxing. Out health he has a lot of health he has a lot of health not B doesn’t anymore he’s dead okay so the build is getting a bit closer to becoming viable B because right now it’s. Still just sniper snipers are hard they’re you know you need skills for the snipers I’m. Not too skillful but I can survive with this this is nice this will do this. Will do but soon the sniper will be like give us an upgrade function and come, on come on okay that guy is not gonna be worth a point what about this guy. Come on I’m so bad with the sniper we’ve missed all these shots okay don’t worry about it this guy over there where is he oh yes. That did you see that cups that’s what we’re, going for and now listen that is extremely powerful especially because we have speed and damage but you saw it for a second it just. Flew by that’s what we’re gonna go for cups and it’s it’s crazy it is insane okay as far as I’m concerned I because last time we tried it however it wasn’t really it wasn’t, really perfect it was not perfect and today it will I love this, and I love this sniper by the, way he’s a killer so far okay let’s go oh my god oh my god we do not want to get anywhere close to that dude okay, he is literally going to destroy us give us a new asshole and just bucket with his fist yes that’s why you don’t want to do that, holy no no no he’s right. There I saw him cops I saw him I saw him cops I’m scared I’m scared now I’m scared I’m, scared cups I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do oh okay. Let’s just stay calm first of all yes and then just keep on farming keep on farming and shooting and shooting and shooting and let’s get some more points let’s get to. Level 30 we come now, make it to 30 okay we have to do this we have to okay one more level and we get our next class yes that’s it that’s it one more level right there um was there homes there. We need a lot of looting syllable up now have they made it like, harder no way they haven’t they haven’t it’s just me being a pussy okay we’re not gonna kill the little guy, that would be mean that would be mean I don’t want to be mean okay if anybody kills a little guy tellem ease me unless. It does it on accident, okay or unless he has to then it’s fine but don’t kill the little guy when you can miss it okay give the new people as chunks. Give them a chance okay we’re so close right now I really wanted to get it I really want to get it I really want to get. It come keep going keep going keep on. Leveling up keep but leveling up that guy has as much score is us we can go for the fight there but we can get the overseer okay so this thing will go to where, you hold where you click your mouse as you can see right there and. We can like for example because we have such a fast bullet speed right now go for that guy did you see that now that, was a little guy I’m so sorry for doing that but I. Mean like you know we had to do it okay so we can get. Some more health regen to make ourselves a little bit more tanky and we can, go and kill everybody in the world did you see that did you see that we can also go away from the mouse like that which. Is new for now we’re just gonna like farm a little bit and if we see somebody we’re just gonna kill him a little bit and then he’s gonna die we just, have to be very tanky right now then you know just you just got where and they’re, dead that’s how easy it goes okay people just lose a level because we did that, I swear I didn’t click anything let’s go that. Guy’s too fast so some people are actually too fast for your bullets what the are you doing don’t shoot okay so oh now it’s not me, leveling up it’s just me going to the left side of the map got it got it okay so we, just have to be careful this is also our shield but it’s also an attack mechanism yes so we can like attack people over there and that guy is. Away that guy’s gone you see how fast he is but don’t worry we have these little things, right now we have these little things and they can legit destroy somebody within a second within, a second he will be gone okay and everybody will. Be done and everything he has left for and everybody he has known in his life will be dead okay that’s how powerful we are right now we just have to be a little bit careful, and we can go for the bigger guys okay. Don’t go for us and we won’t kill you just don’t go for us and we won’t, kill him we deal live we killed him okay do we need body damage no we need health regen okay we don’t need to reload because that doesn’t matter I think let’s, go come on and now that we almost got him so sometimes when the little guys attacked me of course I’m gonna kill. Him if they don’t attack me oh my god oh my god oh my, god oh my god oh my god did he just really do that did he just really do that, okay leave these one behind us in a day okay. Now that that we weren’t able to attacked it I guess we were not able to attack him we, could attack this guy here he died he’s dead he is dead so what about bullet penetration does that actually work I don’t know. I don’t think that actually works I’m not even gonna try it because it would, just be a waste of our points and I kind of want to you know get really good today and just do this, okay there’s a strong guy over there so the tactic is to build it up and just attack. Like that attack okay nope nope nope nope nope nope nope let’s get out of here let’s keep the shield in front of us cuz we can use is a, shield to okay we can use this as a shield to Plus we can maneuver around this guy we can maneuver around his bullets, there we go it’s a lot of damage we’re doing it is a lot of damage we are doing oh no, we need more oh oh okay let’s keep on moving let’s keep on moving we need we need.

To move we need the movement speed cops we really, do need the movement speed holy we almost got destroyed over there okay we need movement speed else it’s just not a viable option but we can block. Ourselves from these bullets which is great movement speed else we can’t run away everybody has a machine gun. Are you kidding me are you kidding me oh no oh no oh no no no no, no no no no okay we’re out of here, we are out of here I don’t I don’t know why they’re not going for us and let’s just keep on getting let’s just keep. On levelling up get get some more movement speed to stay right in this corner pretend we don’t have any like hey I swear we don’t, have any I swear we don’t have any and wait for them, to fight wait for them to fight and go and go okay there we go there we go that’s nice that’s nice so we just kind of help them over there, is this guy going for me right now are you kidding. Me you’re really going for me you’re really trying this Henry you’re really trying this whatever his name is T you really want to do this you really want to do this bitch. You wait around I know this bitch so it’s funny. How they just only like will shoot at your your your like triangles. Because they know they don’t shoot at the try goals you’re ed okay they are legit ed if you don’t shoot at the. Triangles but even that level zero guy can counter two triangles that’s why I want to get more than, two triangles okay that’s why I want to get more than two trends however these. Snipers I don’t think they can don’t think they can really counter me yep but like he does do a lot, of damage though so if he hits us we’re ed but if he doesn’t hit us we’re fine I’d like to only find right now, oh my god what the is that guy doing on that right holy okay now machine guns. Are our biggest weakness that guy is not our weakness oh okay thank you I guess um now that guy is because I can see a lot of. Bullets I can see a lot of flying bullets let’s just. Get out of here let’s just get out of here up no pay hey there hey and let’s go back we have to get to level 45 getting very close. Right now which is great and we have to kill some more people we have to kill, some more little tanks or some big tanks preferably big. Tanks but even the little guys are don’t shoot at my you kidding me are you kidding me bitch are you kidding me, these are not for points these little guys they don’t know they think that I’m for points I’m not you can’t get points up my you see how these little, guys even managed to do it this guy has zero points and he still. Managed to be able to like counter my I don’t know how I don’t know how they’re doing it okay nope nope, nope nope nope nope nope nope. That popped up okay let’s not go there anymore let’s not go there anymore so now they’ll just follow me until I click if, I click right click they go away so that’s pretty nice umm let’s have a look let’s have a look right over there that guy’s almost dead holy holy.

he almost died he almost died he almost died ok just get back to me just get back to me, and follow me if you, have this without speed on the bullets then I don’t think it’s a viable option right now really is right now it really is I’m so. Excited to hit 45 it’s going to be very hard but I know that we can do it I know that we can do it I can’t see further, than that oh my god oh my. God are you kidding me are you kidding me yeah usually that she’ll to use it as a shield and let’s go and get some more stuff over there okay almost 42 almost, level 42 let’s go for that guy you see 2.3 K just getting some more stuff going and then soon eyes. Looking at. Me right now is looking at me all dirty and smiley and stuff okay nope you’re not gonna hate us you’re not gonna hit us today hmm we’re doing great cups pretty good we’re in the top so that’s nice. But we still have not made it let’s get some more blow stuff like, I said let’s get some more blur stuff okay the blue stuff is reeling I’m helping right now we need, to get a kill on it and a guy with it you know with a lot of. Point I think we can do that nope that guy does not have a lot of points. And stay behind us stay behind me you red triangles this is our team cups we don’t have to team up with anybody else. We have our own team okay we have our own team let’s just see let’s go for him some more yep we’re just. Gonna form some more there we. Go okay more movement speed is what we need this guy is shooting at me are you kidding me you’re kidding me what the is a guy to write doing there okay just follow me, red triangles follow me and we need to give them a nickname cops we, really do have to give them a nickname and bum okay no. Not that that didn’t really work don’t worry about it don’t you worry about it we’re just. Gonna keep on moving away okay no there’s guys on earth up there guys over there and he’s dead um we’re just gonna go back to the top right then I, guess and go to the sniper rifle go to the sniper rifle nope no just go back to me just go back to me real quick just. Come defend me defend me from all these bullets so many bullets I swear like I’ve never seen that many, machine-gun guys over there come on yes okay so it’s called the necromancer and, now we are square yes we are a square, what why do we not have any cups what the is it glitched oh there we go okay so necromancer you touch these yellow things okay I did not know how. This work you touch the yellow things and the yellow things they become for you. Okay you see you see this holy isn’t this awesome isn’t this awesome okay let’s keep on going and. We can legit destroy humanity like this we can destroy everybody in the universe because we have we’re a necromancer necromancer that’s like a, guy that can make that dead living again and you know which is pretty cool, it’s pretty hard to because it’s it’s a very skillful art. Let’s see how many yellow things we can get to follow us holy this is awesome I did not know this is. How it worked what the okay there we go we’re getting a lot of yellow things do you like max it out we can, wait they don’t hurt us but they will hurt other people like that holy what the this is crazy this is insane comes what the oh, my god we just destroyed that guy we just destroyed that guy okay so if people have. Like a lot of bullets, we can’t really we can’t really do anything against them right there this is what happens you see there goes our whole. Load of necromancer things so we need to get more we need to get more there loads of, yellow things over here but what if there are no yellow things then we are pretty much ed like this and then when you get a new one. And then you can touch more stuff can you can touch a more like that just keep touch it does keep on touching touch every day. And everything oh no no no no no I accidentally put my mouse off the map but this is awesome holy . Okay we do get we do take, damage but let’s see okay we’re just gonna go for as many as we can yes I’m pretty sure this is very intimidating for these people one of the downsides though is that, we’d barely do any damage what the is this guy doing you see we barely do any damage our little, squares don’t have any HP so you can just shoot at, them in legit level 2d I can level one guy can even take them out with two shots hmm let’s see okay. Just go there touch this one just stay with us stay with us necromancy stay with us zombies they’re zombie. Squares okay no no no no let’s get out of, here let’s get out of here and just get some more stuff and let’s get some more stuff oh don’t shoot at my squares I, swear these guys think that this is what you have to shoot out or. Something no no no no no this is the worst class ever I thought it was the best class. Ever turns out it’s not well it’s really cool though but I mean it’s so original and this guy for example what the what about what about what about are you doing man what about are you doing how. Many yellow things key no no, no nope nope no don’t shoot at our yellow don’t shoot at our yellow just leave it just leave it already just leave it leave. It leave all of it come on just that’s, it this is it helps this is it okay there we go this is how we get started this is how we did start keep this thing far away from other people and just grab we, can grab one ourselves no just keep it.

Away from other people keep this whole thing away from other people we’re gonna. Get the biggest swarm there is the biggest worm possible oh my god are you kidding me are you kidding me you’re kidding me men getting me how many can we get is that we need to. Find like a. Minefield of them like a massive minefield of yellow things right here this is what we’re looking at right now cops that’s what we need perfect perfect holy and a die back no don’t. Worry going attack where are, you going okay now that was a whole attack we just saved up for it’s a bit harder than. You think it is because it’s very very hard to control we’re not really getting any kills however we do at 32,000 score which is sick which. Is pretty crazy let’s keep on farming it and get some more of these yellow things and, attack a dad you see you see how you can’t even get close how do they get more HP, that’s the question it’s just too easy to counter you can’t deal any. Damage don’t don’t worry don’t worry it’s still the best class ever because nobody can deal damage to you neither it’s a it’s a one way to way one way to wait situation yes yes situation. All the way okay let’s have, a look unless you can bump into yellow things and it’ll like help you out you know stuff there you go there you go too bad it doesn’t get the red ones and attack and attack but look, at that that guy has. Just destroyed us and now there’s nothing we can do all we can do is go back to these yellow. Things like that try to get a few back in our team yellow ones assemble assemble yellow on Z ellos ellas come on the yellow squares the orange squares is actually orange you know they’re, Team Orange of course their. Team cups their team cups let’s keep Punk away let’s keep on going let’s just get everything there you know there we go this is a big swarm this is a big big big big. Big big swarm okay we need more we need more, cups you’re not gonna believe it but we do need more we need a lot a lot of them and they were gonna attack and, we’re gonna kill everybody in this world okay a dad thank you come on come on out, get up kill him there you go it’s really hard to kill these are low levels I’m. Trying to kill because that’s pretty much the level we’re on still I really like it I really like the idea of like the blocks chasing it there, we go we’re getting quite a lot, of kills we’re doing not too bad by the way we’re really not doing too bad but it’s just it’s just different, it’s just different that I’m controlling blocks I’m controlling the blocks this guy is not shooting at the blocks he’s like hey I’m new to this game how does this work you kidding, me bitch you’re shooting at me don’t on my blocks it don’t shoot I swear this, is extremely intimidating look at this look at this this is a special power it’s actually not. Just me Prison left ligament rightly but. If anybody approaches the attack engages the attack then he can just easily kill so you can kill us in a minute he can kill us without us, being able to do anything and it can be a low level it can be a high level but there is nothing we can do to defend ourselves okay there, really is nothing we can do just look at us attacking and there he’s gone that was, everything we had everything we had okay let’s let’s, attack some more stuff let’s go I’ll get all of the stuff over here all of the blocks over here and perfect you, know what would make this class better if it would like attract these yellow box so that would automatically, go to you or if you know you had the bit more health on these things against bullets because right now it’s just not doing it it really is. Not doing it okay let’s keep, on moving however it is the coolest class ever it really is the coolest class ever kiss look at that look at how we just killed the guy and then this guy what the you’re, dead man you’re dead okay but now we are. Dead because that’s what I told you come spinnerets come thanks for watching. And I’ll see cup some crow bye bye five Ares 5 SOS you just got where and they’re dead .